Friday, July 8, 2011

New President - More Eating

President and Sister Ghent, our new mission president and his wife.

Their first Zone Leader Council.

Happy 4th of July America!!!

Sister Ghent made matching aprons for all the Senior Missionaries, guess she heard about all the cooking and serving we do.

Tuesday July 5, 2011

President and Sister Ghent are getting right into the action. Tuesday was Zone Leader Council and for now they wanted to keep things as they have been. That means lots of cooking so we can feed the missionaries. We were not able to go to help with breakfast or lunch but Dad and I went to the mission home and served dinner. The Senior Sisters made cake and put the jello stripes in it then I made little American flags on toothpicks to put in each piece of cake for the dessert. I hope this was politically correct. I had the Elders explain to the Latins that July 4th was the celebration of Independence for the USA. I think I need to look up Independence Days for the other countries we have represented here and do the same for them. The Elders seemed to enjoy the meal, although I think they were trying to be polite for this first meal, since most didn´t return for seconds.

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