Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jardín Botánico

Some of the roses in the rose garden.

The variety of flowers is amazing, these are la flor del Inca, they were used by the Inca´s for natural medicine.

I love gardens, wish I could make my Japanese Garden at home look like this.

How Elders view a rose garden!

Sister Pettingill and I in the dessert area.

There is a berry here called Mora, similar to raspberries only larger and more tart. We saw some of the plants in the garden, they really look wicked with those big thorns. I don´t think I will try growing them in Idaho.

The garden had several areas, jungle, dessert, rain forest, rose garden, this was the vegetable garden area, gave me some ideas to try when we get home.

I wonder if in the garden of Eden thay used leaves like these, you could get pretty good coverage.

We thought these wheelchairs were very unique, how better to see a garden then in a lawn chair. Very resourceful!

Entrance to the gardens.

Saturday July 9, 2011

We decided to go the Parque Carolina today and visit the Botanical Gardens. Elder and Sister Pettingill joined us and we had a delightful day. The gardens are beautiful; the only downside was that the orchard and carnivorous plant exhibits were not open. Guess we will have to go again!


The Yosts said...

beautiful garden and those leaves are HUGE!

Trudy said...

I totally missed this post. How beautiful!! I'm really getting jealous off all the fun museums and gardens you are getting to visit!!