Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Elder Vergara and Elder Estrada

Blowing out the candles! Sister Naylor found the birthday candles and brought them to the party. They were so fun, they sent out sparkler like sparkles and would re-lite after being blown out!

The Elders taking home the left over cake following the party.

July 4 and 10, 2011

At our first staff meeting with the new President Elder Vergara indicated that his birthday was on Monday. The next person to introduce themselves was Elder Estrada who said his birthday was on the next Friday. This got to be kind of joke when I said our birthdays weren´t until August and September, everyone laughed. I decided to make a German chocolate cake (mostly because it sounded really good) for Elder Vergara on Monday. He was very surprised and seemed to really enjoy the cake. Then on Sunday the 10th we had the Elders over for dinner and had cake and ice cream for Elder Estrada. The missionaries like to be remembered and enjoy eating anytime, it is fun to do little things for them.

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