Thursday, March 3, 2011

Women in the Park

Sylvia and I, she is an Otavalan girl who sold me some tableclothes, notice the blouse. The hand work is beautiful, many do their own embroidery work for their blouses.

The $ women in the park. She is making a piece for a blouse.

Things are a little slow right now with our work so I went through my pictures and thought I might do a few short posts on some of the various pictures I have taken around the area. This first one I am posting is of some native women in a park near our office. They were doing their handiwork and I asked if I could take a picture, their reply "one dollar". At this point what do you do, we gave them each a dollar and took the picture. They do some beautiful work here. The typical Otavalan dress for women is a beautiful white blouse with colorful embroidery work.

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Trudy said...

Amazing and Beautiful! I can't wait to see the detail in person!