Thursday, March 3, 2011

Construction Sites

This is actually a fairly large operation, there were literaly 100´s of small cinder block operations. Most had a cement mixer but all the other work was by hand.

Cinder blocks stacked ready to transport.

Bamboo scaffolding, hope it is sturdy!

The work crew lifting cinder blocks to the upper floors, so much labor is manual, there is not much equipment available to help with these jobs.
Sometimes I will notice some interesting construction sites. These are a couple of them. I thought Thayne and Travis might get a kick out of these. As we have traveled I have noticed that all these cinder blocks being used to build are made in small operations. It seems in some areas every house has a cinder block project going on. I would have thought there would be some large factory to make the blocks but that does not seem to be the case. Some of the operations were totally done by hand, mixing the cement in a wheelbarrow, filling the forms and laying them out to dry. Others had a cement mixer but the rest of the work was by hand.

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