Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Red Cross of Milagro & Prefectura de Guyas & Guayaquil

Elder Yost and Fernando giving the wheelchair presentation.

Elder Maldanado with the representatives from Guayaquil.

Meeting with the Prefectura de Guyas and Guayaquil.

Meeting with the Red Cross officials, the Stake President from Milagro, President Ivan Chiriguaya joined us here, (he is in white next to Elder Yost).

Following the delivery of the vision equipment we went into town and met with the officials of the equivalent to the Red Cross. They have a lab and blood bank which they were so proud to show us. They are building a center for abused children and teens. This will be a safe place for them to come to have counseling and associate together. We are hoping they will send a letter of request so we can do a project there.
That afternoon we met with a group from the Prefectura of Guyas and from Guayaquil who would like to do wheelchair projects in their cities. Fred and Fernando had prepared a power point presentation and gave them the requirements needed for this project. We will see what happens.
We had planned to go to the Temple this evening but the meeting went so long we decided to go to our hotel check in, have dinner and retire for the night. We had appointments starting at 9 in the morning.

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