Thursday, March 24, 2011



Untitled from Brenda Yost on Vimeo.

Dad in his attractive helmet.

Dangeling over the cloud forest.

Mom heading back.

Dad is on his way.

Harnessed up and ready to go. We took our name tags off so they wouldn´t get lost in the forest.

Saturday March 19, 2011
We have had a busy week but the Senior Missionaries had planned a trip to Mindo on Saturday and we did not want to miss it. Mindo is in the cloud forest on the northwest side of Pinchincha volcano. A cloud forest is like a rain forest but at a higher elevation. It is famous for mariposas (butterflies), quindes (humming birds), cascadas (water falls), zip lines and the telebita, a metal cage that goes on a cable over a large gorge. We hired a van for the 8 of us and left about 8 a.m. arriving at about 10:30 a.m. After a brief stop in town to decide what we were going to do we headed up the canyon for the zip lines. All but two of our group did the zip lines. Four of us did the over and back basic package. Elder and Sister Geldmacher did the thirteen line full package. I did not get any video of Dad or me but I am posting a video of Elder Geldmacher so you can see what it was like.


Trudy said...

Nice helmet Dad!!! That looks like so much fun. You will have to do it again and get video of you and Dad!!

The Yosts said...

How fun!