Monday, January 10, 2011


A couple of views of the city.

Giving up on reading we prepared to leave.

Elder Di Natale, Elder Arellano, Pres. and Sister Sloan reading the story of the dedication of Ecuador for the preaching of the gospel.

Statue of the Virgin Mary, it is made of over 7,000 pieces of aluminum.

Tuesday January 4, 2011

The new missionaries arrived today and there were only 4 of them, two Sisters and two Elders so we asked if we could go with them to the "El Panecillo Mirador". This is a hill at the south end of Quito with a statue of the Virgin Mary or the Virgin of Quito. This is the only statue of the Virgin that has wings. We got a taxi from the office and were to met Pres. and Sister Sloan and the missionaries there. They come to this hill with a beautiful view of the city and read the story of Pres. Kimball dedicating the land for the preaching of the gospel. It started to rain as we arrived, and soon it was pouring. The Sister missionaries were trying huddled under one umbrella, we gave the Elders one of our umbrellas and we shared the other. The rain beating on the umbrellas became so loud we could not hear the reading. Finally, we gave up ran for the van. There was not room for us so we caught a taxi and returned home to change and warm up. The missionaries returned to the mission home for pizza.


Trudy said...

Beautiful city! It's a big city but there's still beautiful about it. Very interesting about the statue. Is there a reason behind the wings?
Love ya

The Yosts said...

Love the pictures of the city. We're loving reading all the updates!