Monday, January 10, 2011

CPU dolls and Computers

Happy students with their new desks. It gave us such a good feeling to see these students again, they were so happy.

Delivering CPU dolls

Thursday January 6, 2011

Today we had the opportunity to deliver 3 CPU dolls to three hospitals in the Quito area. These are infant CPR training dolls. As Fred had called to try to make arrangements for the delivery there was apparantly some misunderstanding. One Dr. thought we were trying to sell him the doll and was very pleased when it was finally explained that we wanted to donate it to his hospital. At another hospital the Dr. had to talk to his lawyer before signing the receipt. It felt good to be able to donate these dolls to teaching hospitals, hopefully they will be used to teach, train and save lifes.

While we were out delivery the dolls we took two surplus computers to the Colegio National, the same school we took desks to last week. They were so surprised to see us and we were greeted like old friends. Again we were taken to several classrooms to see the new desks in use. It was so awesome and the students were so friendly. Fred said it is so nice to get so much thanks for doing lots of paperwork. But I guess that is the way it is done, someone has to do the paperwork.

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