Monday, January 31, 2011

Leaving for Ambato

FYI: For those who asked or are wondering, Dad did not get the egg to balance. Dr. Flake in our group was the only one who did, but we are going back and trying again!

Sunday January 16, 2011
Chimborazo volcano, beautiful view no clouds. The top of this mountain is the closest point to the sun on earth.

Ready to head out.

Lunch at the apartment before leaving.

After our adventures on Saturday, everyone prepared for Sunday. We met at our ward for Sacrament Meeting then went to our apartment for lunch and a planning meeting. We had a birthday cake for Sister Doucette as it was her 70th birthday. Then everyone left for the hotel to pack. We cleaned up and took all the leftovers to the other senior missionaries, finished packing and went to the office. On weekends the elevators are shut off so we each made many many trips to the 3rd floor and carried out supplies and equipment to load in the cars. It was a tight fit. Even though we had three vehicles we could not get everything in, so it was determined that another truck would be sent on Wednesday with the rest of the supplies. Then we were off to Ambato. Sunday night we had dinner with the hospital staff that would be helping with the teaching. Our week of intense training had begun!

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Lindsie said...

Good luck this week! I hope the rest of the supplies got to you alright. The picutre of the mountain is beautiful, and makes me miss the mountains at home.