Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Desks for more children in Ecuador

Elder and Hermana Yost, Grimaneza Chávez Núñez and Fernando

Many students sit two to a desk, in desks that are too small.

This young lady is a member of the church and attends the school.

New desks

Elder Yost signing the delivey receipt

Many of the students had no desks and were not to excited about having their picture taken

January 4, 2010

Today we had the privilege of delivering 250 more desks. This time it was to the Colegio National in Quito. It is such a delight to do these projects. Many of the students have not had any desks and others share desks that are too small. The school is for students ages 11 to 17. They also teach adult education classes in the evenings and the desks will be used for these students as well. We were given a tour of the school. Every classroom we entered the students stood, they were very respectful. After the project was explained to them in their best English they said "Thank you". I only wish we could do more.

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