Monday, February 7, 2011

Ibarra, Otavalo and a CPU doll

Otavalan Market.

One shop in the Market.

A mask we bought at the market, doesn´t he look good. We sent this to Thayne to wear skiing.

By the falls.

Peguche Falls

The path to the falls.

Delivering our last CPU doll, now we can close this project.

Fun picture, only a small charge.

On the way we stopped at a small roadside shop. They had all kinds of things and charged for each one of them. Here is Dad with the Lama

January 26, 2011

Tuesday we did reports on the NRT project and got the pictures and files all in order. Wednesday we hired a car and went to Ibarra with Elder and Sister Flake. We had one last CPU doll to deliver to the hospital there. The hospital was very grateful for the equipment and we spoke with them about a future NRT project. Then we had some personal time to see some sites and go to the Otavalo Market. We first stopped in San Antonio and visited some of the wood carving shops. Then we went to Peguche Falls near Otavalo. This was so beautiful. I realized how much I miss the mountains and being in nature. It was a short hike and the falls were enjoyable. We had lunch, and then spent an hour at the market. You need to Google this market it is very famous, the largest market in South America. I got a few more souvenirs, much to Dad´s dismay. It was an enjoyable day. Elder and Sister Flake were very tired, and so were we, we have had a very busy 2 weeks. Sister Naylor fixed a nice dinner for us then we hung out until time for them to leave for the airport. We received word that they arrived home safe and sound. We look forward to working with them again in August.

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