Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cultural Museum

One of the "snake tables" there were several of these some with 2 heads others with up to 7 heads.

We were told that the important people used to set in these stone chairs.
Probably just before they were sacrificed.

Dad by the snake skin, how would like to meet that snake in the jungle.

One of the feather "crowns".

One of the musical instruments it appears to be an armadillo hide.

Some of the costumes used in festivals and a picture of the Shaman Room. I was glad the picture in the dark room turned out.

The Crystal Skull very Indiana Jones.

Pre Columbian statues I think they are Incan

Saturday February 20, 2011

We had a Saturday that was free. So we decided to visit a small museum that is only about 2 blocks from our apartment. It is so close that many of the other missionaries who have been here have never gone to see it. It was very interesting to visit. They have displays of different ethnic groups in Ecuador and how they have used the natural resources to make items for use in daily life. There were areas of weaving, pottery, displays of various costumes, several groupings of pre Columbian art mostly statues. One room had items that the healers and religious leaders used. We saw a crystal skull here. Lots of items displayed from the tribes in the Amazon regions. Dad especially liked the snake skin. We will probably go again as the other missionaries didn´t go with us.

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Lindsie said...

From the museum I think the snake skin is my favorite, but the gardens are amazing too. I can't imagine how much work it would take to trim a bush into just the right shape (I can't even get my kids to do what I want, let alone a bush). :)