Friday, April 22, 2011

Tena Ecuador

Sloth from Brenda Yost on Vimeo.

Life on the river, must be wash day.

A new friend at our hotel, not in our room thank goodness.

Going native in Tena, the flowers are unbelievably beautiful.

Slogh #3 joining us for dinner, we didn´t name this one.

Our group having dinner, Tena Branch President his two sons who are waiting for their mission calls, the missionaries and the Geldmacher´s.

Sloth #2 we called her Cylia.

Painting on the wall of the restaurant, you can make up your own interpretation.
Guess who is coming to dinner sloth #1 we called him Syd.
March 30, 2011
We left much later than we had wanted and the bus trip was 6 hours. We arrived late but the Branch President and the missionaries still met with us at the restaurant for a very late dinner. The restaurant was actually closing when we arrived but they graciously fixed all of us a nice meal. A while back one of the missionaries gave them a CD of church music and when we arrived they changed the music to this CD. It was so nice to have dinner with good music. This is a very interesting restaurant as they have 3 sloths that live in the rafters; all 3 appeared during our meal. They move very slowly and were fun to watch. Our meeting went well and we hope to get one or two projects going in this area. The Branch President would like to do a Helping Babies Breath course as they have many Parteras who travel up and down the river delivering babies. They also have teachers who travel up and down the river to teach the children who can´t come into town for school, so we suggested that perhaps they could use some school kits. We will see what happens.

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