Monday, April 18, 2011


I just really liked this picture and wanted to share, hope you enjoy it too.

Dad hangn' in the cloud forest.

The beauty of Mindo, I set this picture as the background for my computer.

The Rio Mindo

A bridge we crossed going to the zip lines.

Cocoons and Catapillers this turn into butterflies.

An Ecuadorian drive in car wash. The driver just drove into the river and washed his car. We all got a good laugh.

It is hard to imagine the beauty and pictures do not do justice.

This was a house in Mindo just down the street from the butterfly exhibit, notice the satellite dish.

A butterfly with transparent wings

I love the clouds and the mountains.

Lupines on the side of the road, some century plant stems in the picture.

Hummingbird statue in the park.

I have posted a couple of our Mindo adventures but there were so many great pictures I thought I might just add a few for your viewing pleasure.


The Yosts said...

nice pictures

Linda said...

Beautiful! Love the transparent butterfly!