Monday, August 30, 2010

here we go again

I have got to learn to do this, so I am trying again. We have had the most wonderful summer. Starting in May we went to Troy and Suzie's for Ethan's baptism. Then with Todd and Stephanie and their family to Disney World. We had Tyson and Lindsie and the girls here for a few weeks in July. Then our big reunion in Island Park. I can't express to everyone how much I love you all. We have a great family and really cute smart and active grandkids.

Most of you have heard that our mission call was changed from Lima Peru to Quito Ecuador. We leave the same time and are now getting visa paperwork filled out for the new assignment.

Well I have spent to much time on this tonight. But will try to do a little bit a couple of times a week to get this down before we leave. Love you all Mom


The Yosts said...

Hooray for being back on the blog!

Trudy said...

ya did it!! Love the picture of Thayne...